DVS Trading Ltd was an idea initiated in August of 2017 by like-minded business men. DVS started as a brokerage firm that connected Importers of sugar and rice to various buyers of consumer goods through a well-developed network of clients and distributors built over the past ten years by the proprietors. Brokers are middlemen receive a percentage of the profit for connecting various buyers with various sellers

DV & S started by leasing a small office in Nairobi Town, trading mainly in Sugar and rice into the local Kenya market and as their role in the trade grew and so did the office and the staff. The company (DVS) is now 1 yr old and has 14 full time staff which includes, sales staff, logistics staff and back office staff to oversee the office headquarters in Nairobi.

DV & S is a Kenyan based company that specializes in the sourcing, marketing and distribution of agricultural commodities. We connect producers and suppliers to consumers on a local scale providing tailor made services to suit the requirements of our clients, appointed distributers of transmara sugar. Also through our international counterparts we provide industrial sugar to various local manufacturers. We provide a barrage clearing and forwarding services, logistics and warehousing solutions tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Our Vision

To be a leading distribution company that is respected for commodity trading ,quality brands, customer satisfaction and business excellence!

Our Mission

  • To provide quality , convenient and enjoyable Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
  • To over the time strive meet our customers expectations and business demands.
  • To always deliver outstanding business results


We are a Nairobi based company however we supply our commodities to various organizations including schools, higher learning institutions , multinationals , local distributors Government and non- government Organizations in the country through tenders and negotiated contracts.

Our Brands:

Among our portfolio of products are leading brands; Mara Sugar, Pakistan Rice, Brazillian Rice, Egyptian Rice, Industrial Rice among others.

Associated Companies:

Ecobiz Enterprises Ltd, S & L Limited


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